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A great job with great benefits! You could qualify for all the following benefits working at Brownells:

Paid Time off



Group Term Life


Health Savings Account
Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account

Free Services

Employee Assistance Plan
Health Advocate

Employee Development

Tuition Reimbursement (After 1 Year)
Lateral Transfers and Upward Mobility

Industry Related

Employee Discount
Employee Purchase Plan
Paid NRA Membership


A picture tells a thousand words. Take a look at these catalog covers of year’s past. Bob Brownell's good friend, James B. Meek, painted them. James tells a story with his paintbrush, which we summarized in the descriptions below. If you want to save one of the images below as your desktop picture then click View Large Image. Right-click on the large image and choose Set as Wallpaper.

Catalog Cover #10 Classic, Cowboy Scene:

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Catalog Cover #11 High-Caliber Conversation: A little bit of history here! The painter, James B. Meek, is the gentleman in the red shirt holding the revolver. Our founder, Bob Brownell, is the man in the blue shirt holding a pipe and sitting at the table. Our current chairman, Frank Brownell is the young man gazing at the paper-wrapped package from Brownells. The other two men are friends of the family.

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Catalog Cover #12 Sharin’ Knowledge: Whether you’re the one that likes to tinker, listen in, or flap your jaw, you can appreciate this timeless, gun-shop scene.

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Catalog Cover #13 Local Gunsmith In the Old West: A scene of experience and youth. The gunsmith, Bob Brownell, looks into the face of the eager young man who only has eyes for the brilliant lever action.

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Catalog Cover #15 Calm, Cowboy Community: In old times your work was as good as your name. If any of these shops or businesses provided poor service or inferior products, the whole town knew by noon that day. Today we still hold ourselves to that small-town, old-fashioned, way of doing things.

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Catalog Cover #16 A Hard Workin’ Scene: Here’s another nostalgic look into the days of the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. It’s interesting that the Tonsorial Shop is named Pecos Pete’s. Our President/CEO Pete Brownell, says it’s mere coincidence, but we aren’t so sure!

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Catalog Cover #17 Inside Brownells Gunshop: Our founder, Bob Brownell, is portrayed as the town’s local gunsmith. Bob wears his hard-working, respectful smile as a young, admiring child looks on.

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Catalog Cover #19 Truly Free: Five, hard-working cowboys rest at night appreciating a warm bonfire, a pipe full of tobacco, and the truly-free, open range.

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