Service Rifle Slings by Glen Zediker | Sinclair Intl

This is a book for Service Rifle Shooters, both beginners and experts alike, about selecting and using the slings for NRA and DCM Service Rifle High Power competition. Service Rifle Slings is an abbreviated version of Slings and Things, but the Service Rifle information is enhanced and expanded and no Match Rifle material is covered. Full of detail on selecting a sling (brand specific), caring for the sling and the ins and outs of using the sling for the Service Rifle Rifle positions. Many tried and true methods of slining-up are discussed in detail. Only the three Service Rifle legal sling types are included. 80 pages, 6 x 9 format, soft cover with over 150 photographs.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:260

ZEDIKER PUBLISHING - Service Rifle Slings by Glen Zediker