Our Sinclair #2015-B Reloading and Shooting Catalog is as packed as ever with products for the target shooter. Inside, you’ll find many old favorites AND exciting new products, including:

  • Vortex Strike Eagle scope - optimized for the AR-15 platform with plenty of tactical features
  • Micro Die Adjuster from PMA Tool – for easy, precise full-length case sizing in increments as small as .0005”
  • Nosler AccuBond LR bullets – ultra high B.C. for superb performance beyond 500 yards
  • Contessa scope rails and quick-detach mounts - straight from Italy
  • Nikon’s feature-packed P-308 scope with BDC reticle for .308/7.62 AR-pattern rifles
  • Stryker and Deviant bolt action receivers from Defiance Machine – robust & Remington 700 compatible
  • Easy-to-use, barrel-mounted chronographs from MagnetoSpeed
  • Burris XTR Signature self-centering scope rings
  • Hipertouch AR-15 triggers from Hiperfire – one optimized for 3-Gun competition, the other for general use
  • And many, many more!

Plus, we continue our year-long celebration of Team Sinclair, the champion F-Class shooting team we sponsor, with long-range shooting tips from all 6 team members. We’ve included brief bios of the Team Sinclair members to help you get an idea of what goes into their success.

We hope you enjoy exploring this catalog and that you find a few items that help you shoot better. As always, anything you buy is 100% guaranteed!

1911, Issue:09, Page:035
AR-15, Issue:08, Page:049

SPECS: Catalogs may take 10-14 business days to ship.