KESTREL 4500NV HORUS | Sinclair Intl

The 4500NV Horus adds to Kestrel’s popular, flagship Model 4500 weather meter the Horus ATrag Ballistics software (civilian version) and night-vision-friendly readout – in a compact, easy-to-use hand-held unit. Eliminates the need to run your ballistics program on a laptop becuase it contains all of the necessary data and solutions built into one device to minimize user workload and distraction. Results can be logged, graphed, and recalled to reveal trends – plus,  it all can be uploaded to a computer later. Three-line multi-function display can be set to read out in English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian. Backlight of the display incorporates an optical filter that reduces overall brightness and minimizes blue and green spectrum light to help preserve night vision, for optimal performance in low light. Plus, the 4500NV is IP-67 waterproof, MIL-STD-810F ruggedized, and it floats, so you can take it anywhere.

Weather Functions: heading (true & magnetic), wind direction, crosswind/headwind/tailwind, altitude, barometric pressure and pressure trend, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, heat stress index, dewpoint, density altitude, wind chill, air/water/snow temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade, and current/average/maximum air velocity.

Ballistic Calculation Functions: target range, wind direction/wind speed, direction of fire, inclination angle/inclination cosine, target speed, target direction of movement, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, bullet weight, bullet diameter, zero range, bore height, rifling twist/twist direction, latitude, temperature, station pressure, and Coriolis Effect.

NOTE: Backlight appears soft grayish-pink, not red, so it is still in the visible spectrum and is not compatible with night-vision equipment. 5" (12.7cm) high x 1¾"(4.1cm) wide x 1-1⁄8" (2.8cm) thick. 3.6 oz. (102g) wt.

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