3 Pack 4oz Solvent Bottle w/fliptop lid : Solvent Bottles | Sinclair Intl

Our plastic solvent bottles are invaluable for the storage and application of your cleaning solvents. Each of our two bottles comes with an applicator flip-snout cap and a solid cap for storage.

The Sinclair Tall Solvent bottle is high-density polypropylene which we have fluorinated to resist even the strongest ammonia and oil based products. The bottle measures 5" tall x 1-5⁄8" in diameter and holds 4-ozs. of solvent.

Our Sinclair Short Solvent bottle is also high-density polypropylene but it is not fluorinated. Many shooters prefer it for their cleaning boxes because of its lower 4" tall x 2" in diameter profile, this bottle also holds 4 oz. of solvent.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:142