Pro-Shot 30 cal Stainless Cleaning Rod 42" long | Sinclair Intl

Pro-Shot Products has taken extra steps in their manufacturing process to build some of the finest cleaning rods in the world. Each Pro-Shot rod has a hard, dense, mirrolike finish that prevents the rods from picking up abrasive grit or dirt and carrying it into your bore. Pro-Shot burnishes (micro polish) every rod in addition to their centerless grinding process.

These rods are extremely strong and will last for years. The stainless steel will handle the harsh chemical reaction that many of today's solvents have with coated rods. All rods (except for .17 and .20 caliber) are female threaded for 8-32 accessories including jags and brushes. The .17 and .20 caliber rods hav e5-40 threads.

Fitted with comfortable machined, anodized aluminum handel.


Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:133

PRO SHOT PRODUCTS, INC - Pro-Shot 30 cal Stainless Cleaning Rod 42" long


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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)

Length: 42