M1 BUDDY : M1 MUZZLE BUDDY | Sinclair Intl

M1 Garand muzzle mounted cleaning rod guide friction fits on the muzzle for correct alignment of the cleaning rod with the bore. Internal chamber allows for reversal of bore brush or jag without removing the guide. Fits up to 30 cal. rods such as the Dewey coated rods. Works for all calibers. Our guide includes a solvent port for ease of use.Just slip the rod guide over your cleaning rod, then install your jag or brush on the rod prior to placing the Muzzle Buddy on the barrel. Protect that properly crowned muzzle with the hew Muzzle Buddy. The M1 Buddy Combo contains the M1 Buddy and M1 Muzzle Buddy.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:318
Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:135
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