Handy line of adhesives, locking compounds, and lubricants are perfect for use on the bench or at the range. Also useful for a wide range of non-firearm applications, too.

The Sportsman's Bench 6-Pack contains one each of Instant Super Glue, Drive Grip Anti Cam-Out Paste, Anti-Seize Compound, Blue Gel Threadlocker, Red Gel Threadlocker, VC-3 Threadlocker, plus a $10-off coupon for an NRA annual membership or renewal. Handy storage tube has a bright orange, friction-fit cap that stands out on the bench and features a loop for hanging on a wall peg.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:507
Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:235
Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:250

SPECS: Contains one each ½ oz. (15ml) bottle Instant Super Glue, ½ oz. (15ml) tube Drive Grip Anti Cam-Out Paste, ¼ oz. (8ml) tube Anti-Seize Compound, ¼ oz. (8ml) tube Blue Gel Threadlocker, ¼ oz. (8ml) tube Red Gel Threadlocker, 3⁄16 oz. (5ml) tube VC-3 Threadlocker.