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The CAA Sniper Stock was designed with several years of testing and input from units of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) to meet the demands of the precision marksman community. The SRS Sniper Stock provides rapid target acquisition, faster and more accurate follow up shots and quicker attainment of subsequent targets. Butt stock is completely adjustable, including a 10 position length-of-pull stock from 13- half inch to 17 - half inch, 13 horizontal and six vertical cheek rest positions, vertically adjustable rubber butt pad and three position monopod locks. This system is designed to be used with a front bipod, with angle of shot and elevation controlled by the rear monopod. There is a four postion Picatinny rail at the fron end of the stock for mounting a rear grip if desired. Mounts on existing buffer tubes on AR-15 A2 rifles, SR25 rifle and AR10 rifles. The CAA SRS Sniper Stock is available with or without the rear monopod feature, but both models have the monopod attachment location built in.

Sinclair, Issue:3A, Page:225

COMMAND ARMS ACC - Command Arms CAA Sniper Stock for AR-15