20" A4 22LR UPPER RECEIVER | Sinclair Intl

  • Fits standard AR15 lower receivers
  • Black phosphated .22LR action
  • 20-inch W.A.S.P. steel barrel
  • 1:16 inch twist
  • Mil-spec .5 x 28 inch threaded muzzle
  • Carbon steel A2 profile barrel
  • F marked front sight base
  • Live round extraction
  • Anti-jam charging handle
  • Firing pin retained by standard AR15/M16 pin
  • Mil-spec M4 receiver with ceramic finish
  • Gas deflector
  • A1 flash hider
  • A2 handguards
  • 20-inch barrel allows for longer sight radius
  • Perfect upper receiver for service rifle practice
  • Dedicated 22LR barrel with 1:16 inch twist gets the most out of the 22 long rifle
  • 20" barrel and A2 handguards give the appearance of a standard 20-inch AR15 or M16
  • 1/2x28 barrel threads allow for a variety of AR15 muzzle devices to be mounted
  • Optics can easily be mounted to the flat top upper receiver

SPECS: Lower receiver for AR15 rifle, 20-inch steel barrel, 1:16 inch twist, Mil-spec .5 x 28 inch threaded muzzle, Carbon steel A2 profile barrel, Anti-jam charging handle, Mil-spec receiver with ceramic finish, At flash hider, A2 handgaurds.


Discontinued by the Factory

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.