The McMillan F-Class competition rifle stock features an ultra low-profile that offers an exceptionally low center of gravity on the front rest. Coupled with a 5⁄ 8" flat buttstock bottom that runs perfectly parallel to the 3" wide forend, this stock offers incredible stability on the rear bag, too. It also features an integrated front swivel stud for bipod mounting, an adjustable spacer system to change the length of pull, and an adjustable cheekpiece. Constructed of hand-laid fiberglass, this flat top stock is ready to be inletted to accept your choice of barrel, action, and trigger group. Available in Blue/White and Green/White marble finishes.

Sinclair, Issue:2S, Page:019

SPECS: This stock is a blank stock that will require full inletting of your choice of rifle action for “F” class competitions. Rear tang cut will accept most custom actions. Right/Left hand adjustable cheekpiece.