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A pioneer of the all-in-one, drop-in trigger module, Timney was founded in 1946 by WWII veteran Allen Timney to fill the need for a goodquality, easy-to-install, adjustable trigger for the many military surplus Springfield, Mauser, and Enfield rifles flooding the civilian market at the time. Shooters who purchased these rifles were often on a tight budget, making the cost of a gunsmith trigger job out of the question. Timney’s modular approach made a trigger upgrade something the average shooter could do. Nearly seven decades later, the familyowned company stills provides the closest thing to a custom trigger job in a box.

All Timney trigger modules have a machined billet aluminum alloy or steel housing (not a casting) that holds all the moving parts in precise relationship to each other. Internal components are machined from hardened tool steel, with precision-ground and polished contact surfaces—no stoning, fitting, or filing for you to do. CNC machining enables exceptionally tight tolerances that ensure absolute consistency from your trigger. Even so, every Timney trigger is still hand assembled by a skilled craftsman and calibrated in an actual gun action before it leaves the factory.

All the triggers offered are adjustable for weight of pull: one full revolution of the adjustment screw typically equals about 1 lb. of pull weight (see included instructions for each model). Many are also adjustable for pre- and over-travel. Many are also available with a built-in safety that blocks trigger movement with a steel rod when the safety is on. A Timney safety is far less likely to fail than the one that came with your gun.

Timney triggers use the rifle’s original mounting points, so there’s no drilling, milling, machining, or altering of the receiver for you to do. Some may require minor inletting of the stock; instructions included to walk you through it. Many models are available with different trigger shoe finishes—Blued, Nickel-Plated, or Matte Stainless—to help you match the finish of your rifle.

Fits Mauser M91-94.

Sinclair, Issue:2B, Page:252

TIMNEY - Timney FW M91-4 Trigger, No Safety


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