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Brownells Magna-Tip Torque Handle is a precision-adjustable 10 to 70 inch pound driver which easily adjust in one inch pound increments by lifting and turning the handle. The set torque value is locked in and displayed in a covered view window in the handle. This professional torque tool has a comfortable tear-drop shaped handle and a synthetic rubber covered aluminum housing. The tool bit is three eights inch square drive, and an adapter is included which accepts any of the Magna-Top bits (or any one fourths hex bit). This torque tool will work on just about any gun screw or fastener from scope screws and sight screws to most action guard screws. Manufacturers specifications should be followed for torque values. Includes injection molded storage case, Magna-Tip adapter, torque driver and complete instructions.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:241
Brownells Magna-Tip Torque Handle
749102025Brownells Magna-Tip Torque Handle

Mfr Part: 080000515


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Brownells Magna-Tip Torque Handle