Purpose-Built, Durable Precision Optics With 30mm Tubes

Constructed to meet the specific needs of many different types of shooters, these top-quality precision optics come with a wide range of options. Each mil-spec bonded lens is matched and hand-aligned for optimal performance, while all air-to-glass surfaces receive Nightforce’s proprietary multi-coating. All scopes feature a glass-etched, illuminated reticle providing a crystal-clear, distortion-free image with tremendous reliability in any lighting condition. Some models offer ZeroStop™ adjustment for quick return-to-zero without counting clicks or looking at the turret. NP-R2 reticle is a mil-style reticle with 2 MOA elevation and 5 MOA hash mark windage measurements. MLR reticle displays ½-mil hash marks on both windage and elevation bars. Mil-Dot reticle consists of see-through dots and posts in order to provide the clearest, obstruction free sight picture.

Mil-Dot reticle is designed for field tactical and long-range field applications. Unlike many MIL-DOT reticles, this design features a hollow dot that will not obscure the target. This reticle is designed for fast range estimation and target acquisition in tactical situations. NP-R1 reticle is an improved version of the NP-R2, providing the user with 1 MOA measurements on the elevation bar and 2 MOA measurements on the windage bar. This improved reticle design allows the shooter to range easily and accurately. NP-R2 reticle is an especially good choice for long-range applications. 2 M.O.A. vertical increments allow accurate rangefinding and multiple zero and hold points to compensate for windage and bullet drop. MOAR reticle is Nightforce’s latest advancement in precision shooting. It features a floating center crosshair two MOA wide and two MOA tall, providing a precise aiming point, especially on smaller targets at longer ranges. The MOAR also has one-MOA elevation and windage spacings, which provide accurate rangefinding and hold-offs compared to ordinary reticles with coarser markings.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:275
Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:185

Magnification: 8-32x. Objective Diameter: 56mm. Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.0 mm @ 8x, 1.8 mm @ 32x. Field of View: 12.1 ft @ 8x, 3.1 ft @ 32x. Eye Releif: 3.8 in. Internal Adjustment Range: 65 moa elev. 45moa wind. 17.7 mil elev. 12.3 mil wind. Click Value: .125/.250 moa .1 Mil-Rad. Tube Diameter: 30mm. Ocular Diamter: 36mm. Mounting Length: 6.7 in. Weight: 34 oz. Overall Length: 15.9 in. Reticles: NP-R2, Mil-Dot, MOAR. ZeroStop Function: Yes.



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Finish: Matte Black

Max Magnification: 32x

Objective Size: 56mm

Reticle: NP-2DD