Redfield CounterStrike Red Dot Sight : REDFIELD COUNTERSTRIKE™ OPTIC | Sinclair Intl

Redfield’s non-magnifying (1x) Counterstrike optic is designed specifically for operation on flattop AR-15 rifles with no front sight tower. It features a user-selectable red or green 4 MOA dot, plus a belly-mounted aiming laser to give you plenty of sighting versatility in any targeting situation. Zero the center dot at a longer distance, set the laser for short ranges, and you’re ready for whatever comes your way! Both aiming points may also co-witness to give you extra assurance. The center dot features 11 brightness-intensity settings and 2 night-vision compatible settings to keep it visible in the brightest or dimmest light. Integral mount secures the optic firmly to a Picatinny rail. 5.9" OAL, 14.8 oz. 90 MOA adjustment range; ½ MOA click value.

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Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:190