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The RTS is one of C-MORE Systems smallest reflex sights. Just like their competition sights, the RTS head up display provides an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of impact on the target. Similarly it uses a beam-splitter lens made of glass; hard coated for maximum scratch resistance, and light transmission, while the parallax free design enables targets to be acquired without the need to center the dot in the lens. The RTS uses a CR2032, lithium battery that is contained within a removable battery tray which permits battery replacement without dismounting the sight; this eliminates the need for re-zeroing when replacing a battery. The battery tray is O-ring sealed, and is part of the waterproofing that goes into every RTS. A 10 position manual push button intensity adjustment allows you to dial in the exact dot intensity for your given light conditions. The RTS aircraft alloy housing and electronics are designed to handle the hottest loads from large caliber firearms. The RTS provides 1 moa click adjustments for windage and elevation resulting in pin point accuracy. A positive locking screw for both windage and elevation lock the adjustment screws in position.


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Finish: Black

Reticle: 6 MOA red dot