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Centra's 30mm adjustable front sight is brand new. The larger 30mm sight tube has approximately 143 percent more surface area than a 22mm sight to provide a much larger field of view. This expanded field of view allows shooters to see and verify number boards below the target while they are finalizing their sight picture. The larger tube also collects much more light to give the shooter a brighter sight picture. The Goliath sight includes a 0.750 inch barrel mounting clamp, an indexing ring, and the stepped ladder.

  • The ladder bracket provides 40 MOA of elevation adjustment in 5 MOA increments using the step system proven for years in competition. The ladder steps lock securely into place. Three different ladder height configurations are available for bolt action rifles, AR-15's, and Tubb rifles.
  • The indexing ring locks tightly to the barrel which allows you to remove the entire sight system from the rifle. The sight can be moved to another rifle using a second indexing ring and then returned to the original rifle without losing your sight zero or rifle cant. Additional indexing rings may be purchased so you can move one sight assembly from rifle to rifle.
  • The 30mm sight tube accepts Centra 30mm irises, magnifying diopters, and sunshades.

Sinclair, Issue:3A, Page:210
30mm Goliath Front Sight - Complete AR-15 Rifle Elev Plate
74900827530mm Goliath Front Sight - Complete AR-15 Rifle Elev Plate


Discontinued by Sinclair

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.

Centra "Goliath" Front Sights