Magna-Tip® Professional Super Set - Professional Super Set

Magna-Tip® Professional Super Set - Professional Super Set

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Brownells is proud to introduce the ultimate Magna-Tip screwdriver set for the professional gunsmith or serious hobbyist. The Professional Super Set contains 120 Magna-Tip bits—the largest selection we’ve ever offered in a Magna-Tip set. Custom grinding bits for a proper fit, or having to put a crucial project on hold while you wait for a specialty screwdriver to arrive are worries of the past, because you’ll always have at your fingertips the correct bit for almost any gun screw. Proper-fitting bits prevent damage to screw slots, so when you’re done the screws are in pristine condition—a sure sign of truly professional gunsmithing work. Made from the sa Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Hardened steel bits, high-density plastic handles, Delrin bench block. Ratchet Handle – Stainless steel shank, plastic handle. Torque Handle - Steel, aluminum housing with synthetic rubber cover, and high-impact plastic handle.

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