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  1. Cutting Edge Bullets Solid Copper Bullets - Mth U02 .408 390 Grain Copper 25/Box
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    Cutting Edge Bullets’ line of solid copper match-grade target/hunting/tactical bullets delivers superb accuracy, bonecrushing power, and deep penetration. Hollow point boat tail design retains more kinetic energy and has a higher ballistic coefficient than flat-base bullets to deliver excellent results for 400-1,200 yard shooting, and beyond. The machining process for each bullet maintains a 3⁄8 grain maximum weight deviation for consistent downrange performance, and controls one of the variables that concerns reloaders. Each bullet is inspected to ensure a precise centerline alignment that delivers gyroscopic stability for a flat trajectory. The perfectly round, not ragged, mepl Mfg: Cutting Edge Bullets Llc.
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