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  1. Xp-6 Flak Jacket Protective Covers - Xp-6 Scopecoat Large 50 - 12.5''''x50mm Black
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    Protect your valuable scope with the Scopecoat. The Scopecoat Cover stretches over your scope shielding the entire scope from dust, dirt, moisture, dings, and scratches. The Scopecoat is constructed of high quality Neoprene laminated with nylon. The Neoprene has a 5 percent moisture absorbency, which takes moisture away from the scope. The XP-6 is available for tall turret scopes such as Law Enforcement, Benchrest and Varmint scopes. Unique to the XP-6 is the 6mm thickness (3 times the normal Scopecoat thickness) for extra protection. Scopes have a way of bumping into other guns in the safe and the Scopecoat protects the scope and your other guns. Mfg: Devtron
  2. Scopecoat® Protective Covers - Standard Scopecoat Small - 8.5''''x20mm Black
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    Nylon-faced, stretchy neoprene rubber cushions any rifle or pistol scope from everyday bumps, scratches, dings, moisture, and dust. Snaps on and off quickly without using rubber bands, clips, or strings. Scopecoat™ stretches approximately 10% and the "perfect fit" is a matter of personal preference -- ranging between a relaxed fit to a more form-fitted one. Mfg: Devtron SPECS: High quality Neoprene core laminated with Nylon. Approx. 2mm thick.  
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