Glow Ammo Kits - 45 Caliber Glow Ammo Kit

Glow Ammo Kits - 45 Caliber Glow Ammo Kit

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Now you can watch your bullet go downrange and into the target! Next time you’re reloading your favorite pistol ammo, just peel and stick a Glow Ammo dot to the base of each bullet to create a “tracer” round. “Cold tracer” technology performs with no flame or heat, so it’s safe to use outdoors and easily visible from dusk to dawn, as well as at indoor ranges. Gives real-time feedback on shot placement that will help you improve your shooting skills. Unlike traditional incendiary-based tracers, won’t leave any corrosive residue or produce excess heat that causes barrel stress. Each kit contains 255 dots. Mfg: Hallam, Inc.

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