Sinclair Bullet Seating Depth Tool - 308ar Guide For 59-4000

Sinclair Bullet Seating Depth Tool - 308ar Guide For 59-4000

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The Sinclair Seating Depth Tool has been used for decades by handloaders seeking the most accuracy out of their rifles. We have recently improved our seating depth tool to accommodate 17 and 20 caliber shooters without having to have two tools. Our newest model is made from one fourth inch ground and polished stainless steel with one end turned down for use with 17 and 20 caliber rifles and the other end used for 22 caliber and up. This tool helps you determine the length of a loaded round touching the rifling. This length is generally considered to be the best starting point in load development and the best length for fireforming most cases. The Sinclair Seating Depth Tool will work Mfg: Sinclair International

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