Montana X-Treme Rifle Cleaning Rods - 270-50 Cal 30'''' Cleaning Rod

Montana X-Treme Rifle Cleaning Rods - 270-50 Cal 30'''' Cleaning Rod

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Spring steel cleaning rods push a brush or jag through the toughest fouling without bending. Dirt and grit won’t cling to the proprietary, nonembedding coating for extra protection of your prized rifle’s bore. The machined aluminum handle is slim enough to avoid contact with the stock when cleaning from the breech, while still comfortable and easy-to-grasp for excellent control. Bearings at each end of the handle let the rod rotate smoothly to keep the jag or brush fully in contact with the rifling. Color-coded handles help you make sure you pick up the correct-caliber rod. Each rod has a soft aluminum ferrule at the threaded end to help protect the breech or muzzle from damage. Mfg: Western Powders, Inc. SPECS: Rod – Stainless steel, nylon coated. Handle – Aluminum, anodized. Caliber-fits, lengths, and thread-patterns listed below.

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