The New Competitive Ar-15 - The Competitive Ar-15

The New Competitive Ar-15 - The Competitive Ar-15

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By Glen D. Zediker


470 pages. 7'''' x 10''''. Softbound. Not just a revision of Glen’s first, ground-breaking AR book, but a completely new volume written from the ground up with the benefit of the author’s 10 additional years of competitive shooting with the AR-15. Detailed discussion of receivers, triggers, bolts, bolt carriers, barrels and twist rates, gas system options, springs, magazines and mag components, grips, buttstocks, handguards, and the selection of these components for specific competition, tactical, and field applications. Plenty of straight talk on ammunition and handloading, cleaning, and troubleshooting. Plus comprehensive discussion of “iron” combat sights, adjustable target sights, scopes, red Mfg: Zediker Publishing

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