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The sidewinder is a rotary case tumbler which will give your cases a thorough yet gentle cleaning inside and out. This tumbler can be used with either wet or dry cleaning agent(comes with an 8 oz. bottle of RCBS Liquid Case Cleaner), and it will hold 300 .38 Special size cases or 150 30-06 size cases at a time. The motor on this tumbler is extremely quiet, and it comes equipped with a timer switch for automatic shut-off. Drums include a perforated lid to separate brass from media. Extra drums are available, and the tumbler comes in US or European voltage. The Sidewinder tumbler is a good alternative to the vibratory type tumblers. 63-87000 RCBS Sidewinder Case Tumbler (120 Volt) 63-87005 RCBS Sidewinder Case Tumbler (240 Volt) 63-87050 RCBS Sidewinder Drum Assembly

Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:075

RCBS - RCBS Sidewinder™ Case Tumbler