Model B High Speed Tumbler 120V : THUMLER'S TUMBLER MODEL "B" HIGH SPEED | Sinclair Intl

Thumler’s heavy-duty Model “B” tumbler has a large-capacity drum that easily handles up to 15 lbs. of material for high-volume runs to help you clean a lot of brass fast. Used by serious reloaders, professional gunsmiths, and even industrial manufacturers for a variety of cleaning and polishing operations. The heavy-gauge steel hexagon drum has a rubber lining for ultra-quiet operation. Continuous duty electric motor delivers plenty of power without faltering, even on full-capacity loads, while the built-in circuit overload protection prevents overheating. The Model B is available alone or in a kit with 5 lbs. of hard-working stainless steel tumbling media. Stainless steel pin media does an exceptional job of cleaning heavily tarnished cases, both inside and outside—including the primer pockets. Never wears out, doesn’t need to be “renewed” like treated organic media, and won’t harm the brass. Stainless steel media (5 lbs.) also available separately.

When cleaning brass cartridge cases put the 5 pounds of Stainless Steel media into the tumbler, fill with 1 gallon of cold water, and add up to 2 pounds of brass and a couple teaspoons of dish washing detergent. The tumbler usually needs about 3-4 hours to completely clean the brass. Remove brass from solution, rinse with cold water and dry. Once finished, your brass will be cleaned inside and out, even in the primer pocket.

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