Hornady One Shot Sonic Clean Solution, 32 fl oz. : HORNADY ONE SHOT SONIC CLEAN SOLUTIONS | Sinclair Intl

By combining an innovative, unique cleaning solution with intense ultrasonic cleaning action Hornady takes cartridge case and small parts cleaning to the next level. Safe for all metal surfaces, won’t harm bluing, parkerizing, anodizing, or most paints. Designed specifically for the Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaners.

The reloaders best friend Sonic Clean Cartridge Case cleaning solution is specially formulated to quickly remove powder residue, carbon buildup, tarnish and oxidation on brass cartridge cases. Cleans the entire case, inside and out including the primer pockets without the hassle of having to clean out any leftover media.

Sonic Clean Gun Parts Formula gets deep into nooks and crannies and cuts through the toughest dirt, grit and grime for deep-down, cleaning. Works great on small parts, springs, screws, bolts, triggers even handgun slides and revolver cylinders.

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