The Forster Ammunition Measurement System makes it possible for the handloader to use ordinary dial calipers to make normally difficult length measurements based on the bullet ogive or the case shoulder. By measuring cases to the datum line on the shoulder, the reloader can custom-fit the ammunition to a rifle’s chamber for the best possible fit for better accuracy potential and longer case life. Using the bullet dial makes it easy to accurately determine bullet seating depth measured from the ogive when changing the seater die setting or when checking loaded rounds for consistency. It can also be used to check the bullets alone for variations that could hurt accuracy. The Complete Kit includes the Body with Case Dial for checking cases and two Bullet/Cartridge Dials. The #1 dial fits 224, 243, 264, 284, and 308 calibers. The #2 dial fits 172, 204, 257, 277, and 338.

Also included in the set are complete instructions, storage box, and a laminated chart with common datum diameters. The #3 dial is available separately and left blank with five starter holes so it can be drilled to any size needed. The Datum Dial body and bullet/cartridge dials can also be purchased separately.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:513
Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:027

SPECS: Datum Dial comes with storage case. Kit includes: Case Dial, Bullet/Cartridge Dial #1, Bullet/Cartridge Dial #2, and Storage Box. Dial #1 for .224, .243, .264, .284, .308 bullet diameters. Dial #2 for .17, .204, .257, .338 Bullet diameters