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Tube micrometers are used to measure the absolute thickness of round tubing walls (case neck wall thickness) to .0001"" accuracy. This American Made Starrett instrument features a high contrast LCD digital readout to make consecutive measurements fast and easy. The friction thimble feature gives you easy and accurate repeatability, measures to .00005"" or 0.001mm, non glare black frame and satin chrome thimble, carbide anvil face and long life (CR2450) coin cell battery. Micrometer shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity and comes on with restart motion to the last reading so zero is maintained. Digital output to any capable computer or recorder is possible with optional cables. Comes with one battery and instructions. Made in the USA.

Sinclair, Issue:3A, Page:040

STARRETT - Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer

Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer
749008431Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer

Mfr Part: 769AXFL


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Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer