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This is the same 1"" micrometer you see in professional machine shops all over the world. This Starrett micrometer measures to .0001"" with superb, repeatble accuracy. Ratchet stop mechanism make it easy for any user to repeat measurements, and carbide anvil faces insure a lifetime of accurate measuring. The micrometer comes with an instruction booklet for reading and adjusting the instrument, an adjustment wrench and plastic case. The 1"" micrometer and 6"" caliper are the basic measuring tools for reloader and shooters. Made in the USA.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:033

STARRETT - Starrett Standard 1" Outside Micrometer

Starrett Standard 1 Outside Micrometer
749007905Starrett Standard 1 Outside Micrometer

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Starrett Standard 1" Outside Micrometer