The 3BR is the Redding workhorse. It comes equipped with a quick-change micrometer insert, and a mounting bracket. Will work with most other bench stands. This measure throws powder charges from 5 to 100 grains with the universal (rifle) insert and one half to 10 grains with the pistol insert. The 3BR can be ordered with either insert. Redding powder measures work perfectly in the 11-1200 Sinclair Powder Measure Stand.

Redding's other match grade powder measure is the BR-30 Competition Measure. This measure will throw powder charges from 10 to 50 grains and has the same style micrometer adjusting insert. We feel this is the best factory powder measure made today. The 3BR inserts will not work with the BR-30

The Redding Bench Stand elevates your measure above the bench surface for easy access and visibility. Works for any measure with 7/8 inch to fourteen threads. Also available is a double fingered clamp (shown in picture) for securing your stand to the bench (works a log better than a regular C-Clamp).

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:083
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