The Hornady Powder Measure has the widest measuring range of any powder measure on the market, from 0.5 to 265 grains of powder (special metering inserts required). Metering inserts can be changed in seconds with a push of a button. Users of this system like to purchase additional inserts that they can leave set for a particular load and then change out the inserts as needed.


- Includes an 8 inch hopper, standard metering insert (5 to 100 grains), two aluminum drop tubes (covers .22 to .45 caliber), and a flat mounting bracket with a split lock ring

- Quick change metering inserts

- Tight tolerances between drum and rotor eliminate powder binding yet insures a smooth powder throw

- Bench Rest Grade version available that includes a specially designed metering chamber and micrometer insert providing for more consistent and accurate throws. Internal parts are nickel plated for more consistent charges.

- Use with any traditional powder stand or a Lock-N-Load bushing to use on the Hornady Fast Load stand or on the Hornady AP Progressive Press. Hornady Fast Load stand has an extra long reach so you can reach all cases in the loading block and includes one Lock-N-Load bushing so any 7/8 inch to fourteen threaded powder measure will work.

050069 Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
050130 Hornady Bench Rest Grade Powder Measure
050008 Hornady Fast Load Measure Stand

Lock-N-Load metering Inserts

- Purchase an additional insert, set it for the specific load, and then keep it in your die box

- Pistol rotor and standard pistol metering inserts allow for precise metering of small charges (0.5 to 17 grains)

- Micrometer inserts for rifle and pistol are available to use in place of a standard insert to allow you to quickly dial back to a setting.

- Drain tube insert can be used with both Hornady measures to quickly drain powder left in hopper and measure.

050120 Additional Standard Metering Insert (5 to 100 gr.)
050128 Pistol Rotor and Standard Pistol Metering Insert (0.5 to 17 gr.)
050116 Additional Pistol Metering Insert (0.5 to 17 gr.)
050124 Micrometer Rifle Metering Insert (5 to 100 gr.)
050129 Micrometer Pistol Metering Insert (0.5 to 17gr.)
050125 Drain Tube Insert (Fits Both Measures)

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