Sinclair bottle adapters to replace the factory reservoirs on Redding, Lyman, and RCBS Uniflow measures. These adapters allow you to use our 16 oz. powder bottles as well as some of the Hodgdon and Accurate Arms 1 lb. powder bottles. Flip your measure upside down, thread it on to your storage bottle, and turn it right side up. Our bottles with a removable bottom plug allow you to continually add powder to the bottle as you empty it.

NOTE: Redding measures use the factory reservoir screws to secure the adapter in place. RCBS and Lyman measures require you to drill and tap a small hole in the measure casting to secure the adapter.

Our 16 oz. bottles are excellent for storing various lot numbers of powder in or when you are working out of a larger 8 lb. keg. Many shooters prefer the square bottles because they pack easily into a range box. Both round and square 16 oz. bottles are available with and without bottom plug.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:084


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