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Redding’s Long Range Powder Measure features an extra-large chamber that holds plenty of powder to throw consistent charges up to 140 grains, making it ideal for loading large-capacity, long range cartridges like the 338 Lapua. Built to the same high standards of ruggedness and precision as Redding’s 3BR and BR-30 powder measures, the LR-1000 has a scaled up version of BR-30’s metering chamber, with hemispherical micrometer adjustable metering from 25 to 140 grains. See-through drop tube lets you make sure the powder is flowing smoothly. Fills .22 through .50 caliber cases. Operating handle can be configured for right- or left-hand operation and to drop the charge on the up- or down-stroke.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:083

REDDING - Redding Competition LR-1000 Long Range Powder

Competition LR-1000 Powder Measure
749012662Competition LR-1000 Powder Measure

Mfr Part: 03800


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Redding Competition LR-1000 Long Range Powder