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The Competition Pro Series Die Sets for Traditional Cartridges featurea Competition Seater, a Redding heat-treated Steel Sizing Die(91000 Series), and a Profile Crimp Die. No Expander is included,as most popular progressive machines expand the case mouth atthe powder metering station.Redding’s Competition Seaters for bottle necked rifle cases havebeen so well-liked they have carried the design over to developthese seaters for straight wall cases. The seater stem in thesedies is spring loaded and allowed to move well down into thedie chamber for early bullet contact. Spring tension is maintainedas the bullet and cartridge move up into the die chamberand seating begins. These Advanced Bullet Alignment featuresassure the straightest possible bullet alignment. CompetitionStraight Wall Seaters also feature Redding’s 0.001" adjustableseater micrometer which is infinitely adjustable andhas a “zero” set feature. You can set your favorite load tozero if desired and experiment from there. These seaters aredesigned to fit all of the progressive presses popular today,and they will fit any 7/8"-14 single stage press. No crimp ring isincluded in Competition Seaters. See listing below for availablerifle cartridges.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:043
Redding Expander Die, 45-70 Govt
749010863Redding Expander Die, 45-70 Govt

Mfr Part: 93209


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Cartridge: 45-70 Government

Die Style: Expander Dies

Redding Expander Die, 45-70 Govt