Redding Seater Die, 6.5mm BR | Sinclair Intl

Custom made dies are not always kept in stock and are made to order only. If you do not see the dies you are needing listed in our catalog, we can have Redding custom make them for you. Simply send Redding either 3 fired cases, a chamber reamer drawing, or a dimensional drawing of your cartridge. Some cartridges with a very unique design or shoulder angle may require separate tooling and engineering charges to partially cover the cost of special tooling. Please allow 12-16 weeks for custom dies.

Redding Seater Die, 6.5mm BR
749007184Redding Seater Die, 6.5mm BR

Mfr Part: 92565


In Stock

Cartridge: 6.5 mm BR (Benchrest)

Die Style: Bullet Seating Dies

Redding Seater Die, 6.5mm BR