This five station automatic indexing progressive press is one of the easiest to use on the market. Simply insert a case and bullet, cycle the handle and a complete round drops out. No need to rotate the shell plate keeping your hands free for inserting the next case and bullet. The five station design allows for the use of a Powder Checker or Lock-Out die or you can seat bullets and crimp cases in separate operations. The RCBS APS priming system automatically loads primers for you and includes APS priming strips along with the Strip Loading Tool so you won’t have to touch your primers. The quick change removable die plate means quick cartridge changeover and more time for reloading. The die plates accept any standard 7⁄8"-14 threaded dies. The Pro 2000 includes a Uniflow Powder Measure with the Case-Activated linkage system which means powder charges will be dispensed accurately and only if a cartridge case is present!

The rugged cast iron frame has a large working window allowing easy insertion and removal of cases. Includes bullet tray, loaded ammo bin, and empty case bin. All you need are dies and the correct size shell plate to get started.

Optional Accessories for RCBS Pro 2000

Shell Plates: Use RCBS standard shellholder to order correct shell plate.

Additional Die Plates: Leave your dies in the die plate and just change entire die plate for a quick cartridge changeover.

Powder Checker: A simple, effective way to visually check powder charges when using a progressive press. The Powder Checker sits between the powder charging and bullet seating station. The probe rod lets you visually confirm that the case is properly charged before bullet seating. For use with rifle and pistol cases.

Lock-Out-Die: This die detects a “no powder” or a “double charge” condition in the progressive reloading process. It locks up the press alerting the reloader to the problem so the cause can be corrected. Only for use with straight-wall pistol cartridges, 9mm and larger.

Pow’r Punch Decap Rod – for use with pistol calibers in progressive presses and works in all RCBS pistol sizing dies. The decap rod has a spring-loaded decapping pin to insure the spent primer is fully ejected from the primer pocket. Eliminates indexing problems caused by spent primers jamming the shell plate. Will work in any 7⁄8”-14 progressive press when installed in RCBS sizing dies.

Note: Plate size corresponds to standard RCBS shellholders. See shellholders to find the RCBS shellholder number for your cartridge to cross reference with this shell plate chart. Ask one of our sales reps if you need help.

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