ERGO Lever, Dillon 650 Press : PRESS LEVER UPGRADES | Sinclair Intl

Tired of dropping your shoulder of leaning over to get the full down stroke on your press? Factory knobe and lever uncomfortable or awkward to use? These press lever upgrades from #33I Inline Fabrication should solve your problems. All hand include a roller bearing handle. Levers are lathe cut and threaded, machine formed, tempered, then acid etched primer is applied, then black enamel coated for long lasting wear restistance. Ergo levers are ergonomically designed to make the press stoke more comforatable and enjoyable, especially on lengthy reloading sessions. Standard levers are designed for the person that likes the factory height lever, it is identical to the factory height with the addition of the comfortable roller bearing handle. Short Ergo handles feature the same ergonomical bends as the original ERGO lever, but has 3" less forward offset.RCBS Rockchucker I & II Levers fit older style Rockchuckers, Rockchucker Supreme fite new production/current model Rockchucker presses.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:069