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Our Sinclair/Wilson Hand Die Kit is the best buy for the money if you begin reloading with hand dies. This ultra-compact reloading set-up enables the user to reload for extreme accuracy as well as being mobile for competition use or load development at the range. The Sinclair/Wilson Hand Die Kit 749-007-865 includes: a Wilson Neck Die w/choice of Wilson Neck Bushing, Wilson Straight Line Bullet Seater, Sinclair Micrometer Seater Top, Sinclair Arbor Press and Sinclair Arbor Press Base. The Sinclair/Wilson Hand Die Kit 749-007-865 saves you $28.87 over purchasing each of the items separately.

Please be aware that the 749-007-865 pricing is for the Sinclair Arbor Press, Arbor Press Base, and Sinclair Micrometer Seater Top only, with the discount applied. To complete your kit, you will need to “Add to Cart” the Wilson Neck Die, Wilson Straight Line Bullet Seater, and Wilson Neck Bushing of your choice. Kit cost will total $269.99 when complete.

Sinclair Arbor Press (#749-007-637)
Sinclair Arbor Press Base (#749-001-608)
Sinclair Micro Top (#749-005-419)
Wilson Neck Die (Choose Die here)
Wilson Straight Line Bullet Seater (Choose Seater here)
Wilson Neck Bushing (Choose Bushing here)
Sinclair/Wilson Hand Die Kit #749-007-865 Discount      
Total Kit Price


Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:051

The appropriate bushing size for your Wilson Neck Die may be easily determined by measuring the outside neck diameter of a loaded cartridge with a precision micrometer of dial caliper. Or, you’ll need to determine the wall thickness of your brass and add this with the bullet width to achieve an estimated loaded round diameter.  For example:   (.011” wall thickness) + (.011” wall thickness) + (.224” bullet diameter)  =  .246” loaded round.  Once a loaded round diameter is established, simply subtract .002” to .003” from this figure for your bushing selection (a .244” or .245” bushing when using the example above). This diameter bushing will generally size case necks just enough to create the proper press fit for the bullet.  As always, if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call and speak with any of our certified reloading technicians at 800-717-8211.


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