Replacement toolheads for the Dillon 550 and 650reloading presses are CNC machined to exceptionallytight tolerances to ensure precise alignment ofdies in the press. Positions the dies exactly perpendicularto the ram’s axis of force, keeping them perfectlyaligned in relation to each other, and directlyabove each of the rotating stations of the press.Helps you produce more consistent ammunitionwith greater accuracy potential—a small additionalinvestment that helps you unlock the full potentialof your dies. The Standard toolhead is a good choicefor the reloader who wants high-volume output ofhigher-quality ammunition than can be produced withthe 550/650 factory toolhead. The Floating Die toolhead features lock ringsthat allow both the sizing and seating dies to “float” to center themselvesexactly over each case for precise, concentric bullet placement.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:059