Sinclair Stuck Case Removal Tool : SINCLAIR STUCK CASE REMOVAL TOOL | Sinclair Intl

We developed this handy tool to help solve the reloader’s age-old nightmare; removing a case stuck in the sizing die. This happens when the rim of the case tears off during the downstroke, leaving the case body in the die, with nothing to grab to pull it out. The Sinclair Stuck Case Removal Tool lets you clear that stuck case from any standard sizing die without risk of damaging the die. Just remove the die from the press and back out the decapping pin until it’s out of the flash hole. Clamp the die in a vise and “thread” the primer pocket and flash hole using the included drill and tap, so you can screw the main body of the tool into the hole. As you tighten the cap screw with a standard 3⁄16" hex head wrench, the tool neatly pulls the case out of the die.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:020