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Our customers have really liked the large 3300 Storm Case we have carried for several years. The USA Made cases have proven to be some of the best designed, well constructed and most durable cases on the market. We have added two smaller Storm case models and replacement foam sets for all three models. With a second foam set you can custom tailor your Storm Case for a completely different rifle. All three Storm Cases are guaranteed for life. There is no additional shipping on large gun cases (Continental US).

This case has four side latches, two end latches, and four lock hasps to make sure your rifles stay safe and secure. Press and pull latches allow secure, pain-free opening and closing. No knuckle busters like some other cases. Urethane wheels have shielded bearings for long-life and smoother operation. Handles are extra-wide and padded for carrying heavy loads. The watertight construction and the Vortex automatic pressure relief valve keeps water out and pressures constant. Full high density foam interiors that you can use as is or cut to fit your needs. Lid opens 180 degrees to prevent tipping while open.

Empty weight is 26 pounds
Exterior Dimensions: 53.75 inches L x 16.50 inches W x 6.65 inches H
Interior Dimensions: 50.50 inches L x 14.00 inches W x 6.00 inches H 03-3350 Replacement Foam Set

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:231
Storm iM3300 Rifle Case
749008252Storm iM3300 Rifle Case

Mfr Part: IM3300X0001

Discontinued by Sinclair

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.

Storm iM3300 Rifle Case