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The Sinclair Hand Stop feels incredible when you are in postition behind the rifle. The hourglass shape of the contact point fits the web of your hand naturally and cuts down on the fatigue and numbness that can set in during a long match. The rail-mounting piece fits both Anschutz and Freeland style rails and has a larger than normal contact surface area to make sure this hand stop won't move when set. Adjustments are easy to make with the clamping lever that can be positioned so it is out of the way. Each hand stop comes with a quick detachable one and a half inch sling swivel that allows you to unsling with the push of a button.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:220
Sinclair Handstop
749006476Sinclair Handstop

Mfr Part: 345000


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Sinclair Handstop