A-Zoom Snap Caps (50 BMG) 1 piece only | Sinclair Intl

Owners of AR-15's can safely dry fire their firearms without causing any impact damage to the firing pin by using this AR-15/M16 Dry Fire Device. The device is used by competitive shooters, law enforcemant, and military in dry firing activities. the device requires you to only move the charging handle about a 1/4 inch to reset the trigger. The device installs in seconds by dropping it into the bolt carrier and prevents the hammer from impacting the firing pin. It is completely invisible when the firearm is assembled so it has safety applications when storing the weapon. Will not work with Jewell or McCormick aftermarket triggers.

Sinclair, Issue:3B, Page:228

LYMAN - A-Zoom Snap Caps (50 BMG) 1 piece only