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These revolutionary self-adhesive targes explode in color upon impact to provide instant feedback on where your shot hits. This high visibility impact indicator is great for shooters using open sights or low powered scopes. We use them at 300 yards during practice, as smaller caliber bullet holes are sometimes hard to see even through the spotting scope. With these targets, even .22 caliber holes are sharp and easy to see. Upon bullet impact a bright yellow ring forms around the bullet hole, providing escellent visibility. Each target can be pasted over and re-used at least two or three times.

All Shoot-N-C targets provide a log of shooting at a great value. Great for any type of practice or just for fun. Excellent for informal competition between friends as each shot shows up clearly.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:236
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34210 12 SHOOT-N-C 2" ROUND TGT,12 SHT
B/C Shoot NC 2 Round - 108 pieces
749000693B/C Shoot NC 2 Round - 108 pieces

Mfr Part: 34210


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Quantity: 108

Style: Sight-In

Target Size/Type: Small Less Than 8

Type: Papers

B/C Shoot NC 1 Round - 432 pieces
749000692B/C Shoot NC 1 Round - 432 pieces

Mfr Part: 34115


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Quantity: 432