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The POD-LOC from KMW replaces the locking nut on Harris S type bipods (swivel type) making it much easier to use. The previous way to tighten or loosen the swiveling piece on the bipods was to use pliers on the locking nut. Shooters like the leveling device on these bipods, but want to lock them down when in the proper position. The POD-LOC is a kit that anyone with a one fourth inch socket wrench can install in a couple of minutes. The POD-LOC consists of a clamping lever and spacer that allows you to lock and unlock the swivel mechanism with one hand while remaining in position.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:171
Pod-Lok for S type bipods
749003993Pod-Lok for S type bipods

Mfr Part: 04140


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Pod-Lok for S type bipods