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Set of seven shooting rests can be configured in up to 50 different combinations to give you a superbly stable platform for rifle or handgun. The heart of the system is the Vise Lock bag that features a butterfly “hinge” design that locks the rifle in place with a vise-like grip for a stable shooting platform with reduced felt recoil and less muzzle jump. Black suede top surface helps grip the forend and protects the gun’s finish from scratches; top of the cradle is approximately 7½" high. The set’s other bags can be added, stacked, and configured into wide variety of combinations to ensure you have the best possible support when you pull the trigger. Each dry-media filled bag is made of double-stitched, heavy-duty 900 Denier polyester to withstand years of use, with an internal, moisture resistant lining. The woodland camouflage pattern blends into the background for field use, and looks good at the bench. Set includes the Vise Lock Bag, 2 Rectangular Bags, 2 Owl/Rabbit Ear Bags, 2 Zippered Sleeve Hi-Rest Bags, and instructions.

Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:169

BULLS BAG - 7 Bag System-Tree Camo-Modular Style

7 Bag System-Tree Camo-Modular Style
7490123127 Bag System-Tree Camo-Modular Style

Mfr Part: M90007


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7 Bag System-Tree Camo-Modular Style