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Most shooters shoot much better when their body position is comfortable. These gel-filled elbow pads are designed for anyone shooting off the ground or from a bench. The high quality pads are made with smooth Lycra on one side and a tough non-skid material on the reverse. The inner core contains a non-bottoming gel which is comfortable and compliant, yet has a permanent memory. The shooter pads measure seven inches x seven and a half inches and are a little over one half inches thick.


04-171 Shooter Pad (Single)
04-175 Shooter Pad (Pair)

Mini-Catalogs, Issue:03, Page:004
Sinclair, Issue:5A, Page:174
Shooter Pads (pair)
749002686Shooter Pads (pair)

Mfr Part: 04175


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Shooters Pads (Single)
749001575Shooters Pads (Single)

Mfr Part: 04171


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Benchtop Shooter Pads