The Deluxe Protektor Rear Bag has been a favorite with bench shooting customers since its release a few years ago. Now, Protektor is offering the Deluxe bag with a “builtin” carry handle and thick bottom. The thick bottomed handle feature adds stiffness, stability, and over an inch to the bag height - making it the popular choice in F-class Competition, field shooting, or those shooting from the ground w/bipod or rest. The Deluxe Protektor Rear bag body incorporates stiffer leather to prevent rounding of the bag over time. The midsize-ears (in between the short bunny and tall rabbit ear heights) provide additional stock support and have two rows of stitching between the ears to create the proper spacing for most target stocks. Available in either cordura or leather ear models.

Note: Sand is required to fill this bag.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:168
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Color: Black

Material: Leather

Style: Rabbit, Rear Bag