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Dear International Customer,

We would like to thank you for your continued business and welcome our new international customers. Our goal at Sinclair International is simple: Provide the best quality products and selection along with knowledgeable and personal customer service. All of us here at Sinclair enjoy reloading and shooting, and we hope that each of your experiences is trouble free.

We are the newest member of the Brownell's family of companies, since Brownell's purchased Sinclair International in 2007. Brownell's is recognized throughout the United States and internationally as "The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories and Gunsmithing Tools". Take a look at their website or give them a call at 800-741-0015. We are very enthusiastic about joining the Brownell's family because they share the same business philosophy of providing exceptional product selection and exceptional customer service.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, International Money Order, and Wire Transfer in US Funds only.

Shipping Information: 

1st Class Mail
Small packages can be sent U.S. Air Mail at a reduced cost if they weigh less than 4 pounds (1.8 kg). This service does not offer tracking capability.

Parcel Post Surface
Expect 3 to 4 months delivery time. Size and weight limits may vary from country to country. Large gun cases, long gun boxes and buffer pedestals exceed the specifications for Parcel Post Air or Priority. Service does not offer tracking capability.

Parcel Post Air or Priority
Same as Parcel Post Surface except delivery time is 30 working days. No tracking capability is offered.

Parcel Post Express
Packages sent Parcel Post Express should arrive 30 working days after the required paperwork is filed and completed. Weight limits vary between countries. Offers tracking capability.

UPS Standard to Canada: UPS offers standard shipment to Canada, the delivery time is basically less than one weeks time. All brokerage fees are assessed upon receipt. All shipments have tracking capability.

UPS Expedited: UPS expedited offers delivery within 10 days. Tracking capability is standard and brokerage fees are assessed upon receipt.

UPS Express: UPS express offers delivery within five to seven days and in most areas sooner. Service offers tracking capability and brokerage fees are assessed upon receipt.

D.B. Schenker, Inc./BAX Global. Very expensive, used for high dollar value orders and/or high volume orders. There are no size or weight restrictions, but chemicals are restricted. Consult International Shipping Restrictions for further delivery limitations. Prices vary; contact our International Department for freight quotes.

Truck to Canada
Expensive; check quotes before specifying. Bluing salts, aerosol products, buffers, gallon containers of bluing chemicals, pedestals, and heavier items must be shipped Truck Freight. Please request a quote (

Back Orders:

We try to avoid back orders from occurring by having plenty of inventory on hand at all times, but occasionally they do happen. If we do not expect to have an item available within 30 days, we will not back order it unless specifically requested by the customer. To assist in expediting your order, please indicate if you wish for us to hold your order and ship complete or cancel the out of stock items and ship immediately. Please include an e-mail address, phone number, or fax with each purchase.

Restricted Items:

United States Defense controlled items such as bullets, brass, primers, powder, rifle parts, tactical scopes, etc. may not be shipped to non-US citizens, regardless of the delivery address.

Cleaning solvents, aerosols, petroleum based flammables, and lithium batteries are regulated items that may not be shipped outside the United States. We will make every opportunity to inform you that these items will be removed from your order. Please be sure to include a valid e-mail and phone number. Again, we would like to thank you for your continued business. It is always most enjoyable to provide for our international customers. All of us at Sinclair International look forward to working with each of you for many years to come.

Good Shooting!